Academic Research

Broad Range of Research Tools

Harrick accessories find wide use in colleges and universities. They are essential for fundamental instruction in modern techniques of spectroscopic analysis and in far-ranging advanced research studies. These tools include features that extend their range such as heaters and cooling conduits for thermal regulation, pressure applicators with torque wrenches or force sensors for repeatable studies, and several integrated digital cameras to capture images of samples under investigation.  Harrick offers an extensive selection of accessories that can be used for straightforward simple measurements as well as intensive academic research studies.

Chemistry, Biosciences, Chemical Engineering, and Materials Science.


AccessATR: an economical, easy-to-use, single reflection ATR used in teaching labs. Students determine the structures of reaction products in undergraduate organic chemistry courses, and identify unknown compounds in analytical chemistry labs.

The AccessATRâ„¢ makes ATR FTIR spectroscopy accessible to everyone. It is perfect for quick and accurate ATR measurements of most samples and it is affordable.

The Seagullâ„¢ is a powerful attachment for examining numerous types of samples using a variety of reflection techniques. This unique accessory can be easily adapted for specular (external), ATR or diffuse reflection spectroscopy.

The VariGATR is a sensitive and powerful tool for studying ultra-thin films such as self-assembled monolayers (SAMs), Langmuir-Blodgett films, and other thin layers on reflective or high-refractive-index substrates such as gold and silicon. The VariGATR works in research applications in materials science, bioscience, synthetic organic chemistry, physical chemistry, and semiconductor studies.

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