Drug Discovery, Protein Analysis

The bioscience sector includes several subsectors, each of which specializes in distinct aspects of the biosciences.

Agricultural feedstock and chemicals applications are geared toward production agriculture, energy, industrial commodities, and specialty health products.

Drugs and pharmaceuticals specialize in production of medicinal and diagnostic substances. Highly research-oriented studies seek to commercially advance the latest breakthrough technologies in drug discovery.

Powders, Small Amounts of Sample, Heated and Cooling of the Sample.

Temperature Controlled DLC

Temperature Controlled Demountable Liquid Cell: enables studies of liquid biomolecules and aqueous protein solutions under controlled thermostated environments, including physiological temperatures.

Temperature Controlled Demountable Liquid Cells are intended for transmission measurements of liquids and mulls at temperatures ranging from -80°C to 240°C. These leak-free transmission cells are designed for both static and flow operation. In addition, these 316 stainless steel transmission cells feature high chemical resistance and readily exchanged pathlength spacers.

The BioATRCell II is a micro-ATR unit that was specially developed in a partnership between Harrick Scientific and Bruker Optics. It is a powerful and sensitive tool for investigating temperature induced unfolding, refolding and denaturation processes of proteins in aqueous media and membrane-standing proteins. It can be applied for aqueous protein solutions and also for membrane-standing proteins. Available only through Bruker Optics.

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