Conservation Science

In and Out of Compartment Sample Analysis From Very Small to Large Samples

Harrick Scientific offers a wide range of FTIR and UV-Vis spectroscopic tools for non-destructive analysis of a variety of art and antiquities samples. These products enable analysis of all sample sizes - from microns to meters. The sample does not have to fit inside the spectrometer sample compartment for measurement by these methods. A wide range of accessories are available for both qualitative and quantitative analysis of samples by specular, diffuse and ATR reflection techniques.

Specular Reflectance, Diffuse Reflectance, and Diamond ATR Internal Reflectance.


daVinci: outside of the sampling compartment analysis using specular, ATR or difffuse reflectance.  Active research applications include art conservation studies of paintings, sculptures, textiles, prints, papers and fibers.

The DaVinci Arm is a flexible optomechanical arm designed for analyzing large objects such as works of art outside of the normal sampling compartment. It enables in-situ of artifacts by specular reflectance, diffuse reflectance, and diamond ATR internal reflectance. With its articulated arm, samples can be analyzed within a range of distances in front, below, or above the sample compartment at a wide range of angles. The integrated camera permits magnified viewing and image capture of the sampled spot for archival of images along with data.

The Omni-Diff™ diffuse reflectance probe is designed to interface with virtually any spectrometer via fiber optics. This miniature accessory comes equipped with input and output SMA connectors that can be readily attached to a fiber optic coupler, like the Harrick FiberMate2. It is ideal for diffuse reflectance analysis of samples up to 1.5 meters away from the spectrometer.

The SplitPea™ is configured to apply localized, measured pressure to produce superior contact between the sample and the ATR crystal. This makes the SplitPea™ ideal for quick and easy spectroscopy measurements for a wide range of samples. These include hard samples like paint chips.

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