The DiaMaxATR is the highest performance single reflection diamond ATR available at an unbeatable price.  This accessory is designed not only for straightforward infrared spectroscopy of common laboratory samples like liquids, powders, pastes and solids but also for analysis of challenging samples such as extremely hard solids, abrasive powders and highly corrosive liquids.  The sampling plate features a high performance diamond crystal sealed into a chemically resistant stainless steel.  It can be readily removed from the base and snaps firmly into place.  Tamper-resistant adjustments are provided to allow for optimal performance with virtually any infrared spectrometer.   This accessory is enclosed for purge.  Liquid are measured by simply placing a drop on the crystal.  Solids can be compressed against the ATR crystal using the built-in pressure applicator with its force-limited slip-clutch.  Optional heated and flow cells are available, along with a force sensor with digital read-out for more precise compression.

High throughput single reflection diamond ATR
Model No.
NOTE: A Model No. ending in "XXX" denotes spectrometer code.

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  • High throughput Diamond ATR for the mid-IR.
  • Small, slightly raised sampling area: 1.5mm in diameter..
  • Convenient horizontal sampling.
  • High sample throughput.
  • Little or no sample preparation required.
  • Excellent retention of sample integrity.
  • Readily interchangeable sampling plates.
  • Built-in pressure applicator with slip-clutch for reproducible compression of solids against the ATR crystal.
  • Optimized contact between the ATR crystal and solids.
  • Harrick’s exclusive PermaPurge™ allows rapid sample exchange without interrupting the purge.
  • Optional monolithic diamond sampling plate for use in the FIR.
  • Optional liquid cells for static and flow applications, featuring
    • Heatable for operation up to 200°C.
    • Cooling conduit for operation at below and near ambient temperatures.
    • Luer or Swagelok fittings.
  • Optional solid sampling adapter with 24V heaters and cooling conduit, for operation up to 200°C.
  • Force sensor with digital read-out for precise force measurements.
  • Epoxy-free Diamond ATR sampling plate.
  • Built-in pressure applicator with slip-clutch.
  • Mating hardware for the specified spectrometer.
Model No. Product Description Price
FAS-XCS Volatiles Cover Glass lid N/A
MVD-ATR-W FIR Sampling Plate for the DiaMaxATR Single reflection diamond N/A
MVD-ATR-WC Sampling Plate for the DiaMaxATR High performance diamond N/A
MVD-FSL-3 Heatable/Coolable Liquid Cell for the DiaMaxATR, Luer Fittings Heatable up to 200ºC N/A
MVD-FSS-3 Heatable/Coolable Liquid Cell for the DiaMaxATR, Swagelok fittings Heatable up to 200ºC N/A
MVD-SSP-3 Heatable/Coolable Solid Sampling Adapter for the DiaMaxATR Heatable up to 200ºC N/A

This high throughput diamond ATR is ideal for analyzing routine samples and samples are difficult to analyze by conventional spectroscopic methods.  Liquids and pastes are easily placed by droplet or smear on the ATR crystal for measurement.  Compressible solids, like foam or gasket materials, harder solids like tablets, shaped plastics and coated metals are readily pressed against the ATR crystal for analysis.To make optimal contact with solid and powder samples, the DiaMaxATR is equipped with a built-in pressure applicator with slip-clutch.  For more precise force measurements, a pressure applicator with built-in force sensor and display is available on special order.

The accessory utilizes all front-surface mirrors to focus the beam to and from the ATR crystal.  The basic model comes with a monolithic diamond ATR with a 1.5 mm diameter sampling area.  The high performance AR coated diamond is suitable for use for spectroscopy measurements in the mid-infrared and FIR diamond is offered for use from 45,000 cm-1 to the FIR; both with limited signal-to-noise in the 2300 cm-1 to 1850 cm-1 region.

The ATR crystal is sealed mounted in a removable sampling plate for easy cleaning and replacement.  The sampling plate assembly is made from chemically resilient materials for a broad range of applications and snaps firmly in place when reinstalled.

The DiaMaxATR has several adjustments to optimize performance with virtually any infrared spectrometer.  These adjustments are equipped with tamper-resistant lock-outs for ease of use in multi-user facilities.  Some of these also serve as part of the purge enclosure, for rapid sample exchange without interrupting the purge of the system.

The optional solid sampling adapter and liquid cells incorporate 24V heaters, a K-type thermocouple and a cooling conduit for operation up to 200° C.  The liquid cells seal using a viton o-ring and are available with Luer or Swagelok fittings. 

Representative spectra recorded with this accessory are shown in Figures 1 through 3.  Figure 1 shows the spectrum of sand from a child’s sandbox.  As expected, the spectrum shows the broad absorption with a maximum at around 1082 cm-1 which is attributed to the Si-O stretching vibrations and the bands around 863 cm-1 and 667 cm-1 are due to the Si-O-Si bending vibrations.

Figure 1.  ATR spectrum of sand.

Figure 2.  ATR Spectra of brown paper (black) and blue print on brown paper (blue).

Figure 3 shows the ATR spectra of powdered dishwasher detergent.  The detergent was a white powder with a low (<1%) concentration of green particles.  A few grains of the green grains were separated from the bulk for analysis.  The spectra show that the green material differs in composition from the bulk.

Figure 3.  ATR Spectrum of blue ink from a PaperMate Profile® blue pen.

The DiaMaxATR high throughput diamond ATR is excellent for examining a wide range of samples - liquids, pastes and solids.  It is ideal for analyzing samples that would damage other crystals – highly acidic or basic liquids and extremely hard solids.