FTIR Optics - Mounted

Harrick Scientific's consumables include mounted ATR crystals for our accessories. Please find below a listing of all our FTIR mounted crystals by part number. Note that this information is also accessible through the accessory web page.

Model No. Product Price
GATR-ATR-J1 Ge Mounted Hemisphere for VariGATR $2,508.00
Model No. Product Price
FAS-SSP Mounted ZnSe Prism for FastIR N/A
RAN-TOP-M ZnSe Mounted Prism for RangeIR N/A
Model No. Product Price
HON-LSP-J Ge Horizon Trough $915.00
HON-LSP-M ZnSe Horizon Liquid Sampling Plate $930.00
HON-SSP-J Ge Horizon Solid Sampling Plate $940.00
HON-SSP-M ZnSe Horizon Solid Sampling Plate $915.00