Industrial Quality Control

Fast Accurate Evaluation of Samples

Harrick’s spectroscopy accessories are valuable tools for ensuring quality.  They can be used at every stage of production, from inspecting the purity of incoming raw materials to ensuring the composition of the finished products.

Our accessories intended for quality control are rugged and can be used in environments requiring high sample throughput.  Industrial quality samples are quickly and easily analyzed using a variety of accessories and spectroscopic techniques.

Polymers, Plastics, Pharmaceuticals, Fuels, Fibers, Petrochemicals, and Semiconductors.


FastIR: high-througput single reflection ATR accessory with a convenient horizontal sampling surface.  Features a ZnSe ATR for analyzing a wide variety of materials and a purge enclosure to minimize spectral interference.

The FastIR™ HATR incorporates a convenient horizontal sample stage for quick ATR spectroscopy of solids, liquids, and pastes. Sample analysis is simple and straightforward: place or spread the sample on the ATR crystal, record the spectrum and wipe the crystal clean.

Harrick's Cricket™ is excellent for routine diffuse reflectance (DRIFTS) measurements of powders and other solid samples in quality control environments and research laboratories.

The SplitPea™ ideal for quick and easy spectroscopy measurements for a wide range of samples. These include: hard samples, like paint chips and combinatorial chemistry substrates; small samples, such as individual fibers and nanoliters of liquids; large samples, such as transparency film and defects thereon.

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