Materials Science

Coatings and Imperfect Sample Analysis

Harrick provides powerful spectroscopic tools that assist in the development and characterization of advanced materials.

Catalysts: The Praying Mantis enables sensitive studies of heterogeneous catalysis, photocatalysis, and other gas-solid interactions under selected temperatures and pressures. Samples such as semiconductors and thin films, nanomaterials and composite materials are now easily analyzed with FTIR spectroscopy. Identify imperfections in finished goods, characterizing irregularities in composites, or quantifying trace impurities in metal substrates.

Ultrathin Layers: Monolayers on Metal Surfaces, Optical Coatings, Catalysis Studies, Semiconductors.


VariGATR: for sensitive studies of ultra-thin films such as self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) and Langmuir-Blodgett films. Active research applications include nanomaterials, nanoscale fabrication of electronics, and engineered biomaterials.

The VariGATRâ„¢ grazing angle ATR accessory is a revolutionary approach to the analysis of monolayers on semiconductor and metallic substrates.

The Refractor2â„¢ low cost, in-line grazing angle accessory. It is ideal for recording spectra of thin films on metal substrates. Large panel samples can be easily analyzed, since the sampling surface is above all of the optical components.

The Seagull is a variable angle reflection accessory which is an increasing important tool in FTIR spectroscopy. Samples such as opaque substances, films on opaque substrates, and films on liquids are tedious or practically impossible to analyze with conventional transmission spectroscopic equipment. The analysis of such samples with reflection spectroscopy, however, is straightforward.

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