Harrick Scientific offers right-angle prisms for infrared ATR spectroscopy. Our prisms are available in ZnSe and Ge, as listed below. We welcome the opportunity to quote on other sizes and materials to meet your requirements.

Please find replacement prisms for our ATR accessories under the listing for the specific accessory.

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Model No. Product Price
ACC-PRM-J Ge ATR Prism for AccessATR $1,340.00
Model No. Product Price
ACC-PRM-M ZnSe ATR Prism for AccessATR $459.00
FAS-ATR-M ZnSe Prism for FastIR and RangeIR $1,063.00
FAS-SSP Mounted ZnSe Prism for FastIR N/A
RAN-TOP-M ZnSe Mounted Prism for RangeIR N/A
UV-Vis-IR Optical Materials for Prisms
  n KH
useful range cm-1 (μm) chemical properties
Ge 4.0 550 7000 5000-600
Insoluble in water, soluble in hot H2SO4, aqua regia
ZnSe 2.42 150 8000 20,000-500
Soluble in strong acids; dissolves in HNO3
n: Refractive IndexKH: Knoop HardnessMOR: Rupture Modulus