Thin Films and Coatings on Substrates

Infrared Accessory Kit

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Infrared Accessory Kit
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Start up accessory kit for FTIR spectrometers
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Start up accessory kit for FTIR spectrometers


VariGATR™ Grazing Angle Accessory

The VariGATR™ grazing angle ATR accessory is a revolutionary approach to the analysis of monolayers on semiconductor and metallic substrates. The VariGATR™ is variable angle, so the incident angle can be optimized for the highest sensitivity with these types of samples.

Specular Reflection Accessories

Harrick Scientific's Specular Reflection Accessories are valuable for studies of films on metallic substrates and measurements of epitaxial film thickness by UV-Vis or FT-IR spectroscopy. A selection of incident angles is available, as required by different applications.

Seagull™ Variable Angle Reflection Accessory

The Seagull™ is a powerful accessory for examining powders, optical coatings, opaque substrates, films on opaque substrates, and slightly curved solids by variable angle FT-IR reflectance spectroscopy. This accessory easily adapts for specular, ATR or diffuse reflectance measurements.

Refractor2™ Grazing Angle Accessory

The Refractor2™ is a unique attachment for grazing angle specular reflectance spectroscopy. The Refractor2™ incorporates two SuperCharged™ wedged windows to refract the beam to and from the sample. It also includes a pre-mounted, internal Si polarizer for enhanced spectral contrast.

RefractorReactor™ Grazing Angle Accessory

The Refractor™ Reactor is a valuable tool for grazing angle FT-IR studies of reactions on metal surfaces and on thin films on metal substrates. Samples can be heated to 500°C and pressurized up to 203 kPa (2 ATM).

Infrared Accessory Kit

Our Infrared Accessory Kit is a general purpose kit for sampling gases, liquids and solids by infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. It contains accessories necessary for the transmission analysis of gases, ATR measurements of liquids and solids, and investigations of solid by specular reflectance.

Focus™ Grazing Angle Reflection Accessory

This grazing angle reflectance accessory focuses on high quality infrared spectra ,quickly and efficiently. The Focus™ is excellent for examining films and coatings on metals or other reflective substrates.

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