UV-Vis Heaters

Harrick Scientific's consumables include optional and replacement heaters for our UV-Vis accessories. Please find below a listing of all our heaters by part number. Note that this information is also accessible through the accessory web page.

Model No. Product Price
CHC-HTR Heater Assembly for the Low. Temp. Chamber $255.00
HON-HTR Heater Assembly for Horizon TC Flow Cells $341.00
HTC-HTRB Heater Assembly for High Temp. Cell $481.00
HTRS-16 Cartridge Heater, 0.250" x 1.25", 24V/100W $94.00
HTRS-17 Cartridge Heater, 0.250" x 1", 24V/75W $84.00
HTRS-18 Cartridge Heater, 0.125" x 1.25", 24V/50W $122.00
HTRS-20 Cartridge Heater, 0.125" x 1", 24V/30W $122.00
HTRS-22 Band Heater, 1.50" x 1.25", 24V/200W $149.00
HTRS-23 Cartridge Heater, 0.25" x 1.25", 24V/100W $122.00
HTRS-24 Cartridge Heater, 0.25" x 1.25", 24V/100W $152.00
HTRS-26 Cartridge Heater, 0.25" x 1.24", 24V/100W $132.00
HVC-HT4 Heater Assembly for High Temp. Reaction Chambers $209.00
RAN-HTR Heater Assembly for RangeIR $396.00
SEA-HOT-HTR Heater Assembly for Seagull TC Parts $356.00
TFC-HTR Heater Assembly for the TC Liquid Cell $291.00
TGC-HTR Heater Assembly TC Gas Cell $283.00