Dewar Transmission / Reflection Accessory

Our Dewar Transmission/Reflection Accessory is useful for examining solid samples at temperatures ranging from -196°C to 350°C in a controlled environment. The cell is constructed of chemically resistant 316 stainless steel and features a K-type thermocouple for temperature measurement. A dewar is incorporated into this accessory for low temperature operation. For high temperature operation, low voltage heaters are provided for use in conjunction with an appropriate controller, like the Harrick Temperature Controller.

This accessory comes configured for transmission measurements, with a mount for the specified spectrometer. It can also be reconfigured for near-normal (12°) specular reflection with our Variable Angle Reflection Accessory.

Features & Includes


  • Chemically inert 316 stainless steel interior.
  • Cold finger for coolant, e.g. liquid nitrogen or a dry ice and acetone mixture, for operation down to -196°C.
  • Heaters for spectroscopy measurements up to 350°C.
  • Accommodates transmission or external reflection samples 25mm in diameter and up to 35mm in length.
  • Uses one 25x2mm or 25x4mm window and one 32x3mm window.
  • Windows mount with O-ring seals.
  • K-type thermocouple.
  • Low-voltage heaters.
  • Two 1/4" 316 stainless steel VCO fittings.
  • Compatible with all FT-IR spectrometers and some UV-VIS spectrometers.
  • Use with Harrick's Variable Angle Reflection Accessory for near-normal specular reflection measurements.


  • Mounting hardware for the specified spectrometer for transmission measurements.
  • Windows need to be ordered separately.

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Model No. Name Price
008-144 Thermocouple, K-Type $103.00
Model No. Name Price
DER-ORK Kalrez O-Rings for Dewar $444.00
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HTRS-24 Cartridge Heater, 0.25" x 1.25", 24V/100W $185.00
Reference & Mirrors
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KBR-100 KBr Powder, Spectroscopic Grade, 100 g $225.00
Model No. Name Price
WAD-U25 Window SiO₂ 25 x 2 mm $92.00
WAD-U45 Window SiO₂ 25 x 4 mm
WED-U45 Window Si 25 x 4 mm
WFD-U25 Window CaF₂ 25 x 2 mm $90.00
WFD-U36 Window CaF₂ 32 x 3 mm $136.00
WFD-U45 Window CaF₂ 25 x 4 mm $124.00
WHD-U36 Window BaF₂ 32 x 3 mm
WHD-U45 Window BaF₂ 25 x 4 mm $169.00
WID-U25 Window ZnS 25 x 2 mm
WID-U36 Window ZnS 32 x 3 mm
WLD-U25 Window NaCl 25 x 2 mm $60.00
WLD-U36 Window NaCl 32 x 3 mm $65.00
WLD-U45 Window NaCl 25 x 4 mm $65.00
WMD-U25 Window ZnSe 25 x 2 mm $217.00
WMD-U36 Window ZnSe 32 x 3 mm $426.00
WMD-U45 Window ZnSe 25 x 4 mm $270.00
WPD-U25 Window KBr 25 x 2 mm $70.00
WPD-U36 Window KBr 32 x 3 mm $72.00
WPD-U45 Window KBr 25 x 4 mm $63.00

Technical Info

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