Raman High Temperature Reaction Chamber

This High Temperature Reaction Chamber is an effective tool for Raman measurements of powders under controlled environmental conditions.  Designed for operation from high vacuum to 25.8 ktorr and for temperatures up to 910°C (under vacuum), this reaction chamber is ideal for studying heterogeneous catalysis, gas-solid interactions, photochemical reactions, and oxidation mechanisms.  Use in conjunction with a Raman microscope or spectrometer.


Features & Includes

  • Designed for operation from high vacuum (133 μPa or 10-6 torr) to 3.44MPa (25.8 ktorr).
  • Operates at temperatures up to 910°C (under vacuum).
  • Three inlet/outlet ports provided for evacuating the cell and introducing gases.
  • Made of chemically resistant 316 stainless steel.
  • 8-mm open aperture.
  • Removable 13x2mm SiO2 window.
  • Optional Silcotek/Restek inert coatings available for greater inertness and corrosion resistance.
  • Optional cooling cartridge available for moderate cooling or heating with a chiller or recirculator.
  • Optional mounting available.
  • Reaction Chamber.
  • Low-voltage heating cartridge.
  • K-type thermocouple.
  • Sample packing tool and spill tray.
  • Window assembly with Viton o-rings and 13x2mm SiO2 window.

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HVC-MRA Standard Reaction Chamber Raman Assembly, SiO₂


Model No. Name Price
008-144 Thermocouple, K-Type $103.00
116-439 Screen Set (2 each of the three sizes), 6.3 mm dia. $115.00
116-439-1S Screen Set (6), pore size 0.104 mm (0.0041"), 6.3 mm dia. $115.00
116-439-2S Screen Set (6), pore size 0.061 mm (0.0024"), 6.3 mm dia. $115.00
116-439-3S Screen Set (6), pore size 0.038 mm (0.0015"), 6.3 mm dia. $115.00
Model No. Name Price
HTRS-26 Cartridge Heater, 0.25" x 1.24", 24V/100W $132.00
HVC-HT4 Heater Assembly for High Temp. Reaction Chambers $220.00
Model No. Name Price
ORK-010 Kalrez O-Ring, 0.379 OD, 0.239 ID $66.00
ORK-012 Kalrez O-Ring, 0.504 OD (13mm), 0.364 ID $66.00
ORK-016 Kalrez O-Ring, 0.754 OD, 0.614 ID $72.00
ORK-023 Kalrez O-Ring, 1.191 OD, 1.051 ID $72.00
ORV-010 Viton O-Ring, 0.379 OD, 0.239 ID $8.00
ORV-012 Viton O-Ring, 0.504 OD (13mm), 0.364 ID $8.00
ORV-016 Viton O-Ring, 0.754 OD, 0.614 ID $9.00
ORV-023 Viton O-Ring, 1.191 OD, 1.051 ID $9.00
Model No. Name Price
WAD-U22 Window SiO₂ 13 x 2 mm $64.00

Technical Info

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